Virtual Safety Zones: A Case Study in Visual Hazard Awareness Management

Veoneer – Markham, Ontario

Veoneer is a worldwide leader in automotive technology. They design, manufacture, and sell state-of-the-art software, hardware and systems for occupant protection, advanced driving assistance systems, and collaborative and automated driving to vehicle manufacturers globally. 

When Veoneer Canada Inc, located in Markham, ON approached us, they were having some safety challenges around their surface mount autoloaders. The placement of the autoloaders was such, that their doors opened into the main aisles. These aisles have both foot traffic from pedestrians, as well as light machinery traffic, from train drivers. This posed a safety hazard for the autoloader operators, who had their backs to potential traffic.

I´m glad that we are able to solve the issue. The projections look great.

Fatima Fonseca – Industrial Engineer at Veoneer Canada Inc

After analysing this challenge, it was determined that visual (safety zonesâ) need to be created around the autoloaders, when in use. Laserglow proposed the use of line projecting lasers and virtual signs which would be activated only when the autoloader doors were open.

When asked about the efficacy of the solution that was provided, Fatima Fonseca, Industrial Engineer at Veoneer Canada Inc. said, “I´m glad that we are able to solve the issue. The projections look great.” Laserglow Vice President of Operations, Atul Garg said, “I am glad that we were able assist Veoneer Canada in creating Virtual Safety Zones and mitigating the potential for accidents in their facility.”

VirtuaLine Line Lasers: these are compact, eye safe, modular, IP67 rated, plug-and-play laser devices, capable of producing thin, highly visible lines. The laser emits a line length of approximately twice the mounting height, in this case 24. To ensure that the safety zone could be “sized” properly, special Line Limiting Sleeves were developed for the project.

SafetyCast – Virtual Sign Projectors: these modular, eye safe, IP65 rated, plug-and-play LED projectors are capable of projecting high-contrast safety signage. These projectors were wired so that the STOP signs turned on once the autoloader door opened.

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