VirtuaLine™DOTS Projector

Projection: Line of Dots

Laserglow’s VirtuaLine™ DOTS Projector is a patented LED light fixture that projects a line of DOTS pattern on the floor to provide a bright, visual warnings to indicate the position of a load on overhead cranes. Designed to be visible up to 100 feet (30m) indoor settings, this is the first projector of its kind. The line of DOTS provides a visual indication of the load. When the load moves, this zone moves with it providing a visual cue to pedestrians at the ground level where the crane is situated at any given time.

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The benefits of using VirtuaLine™ DOTS Line Projector instead of painted or taped lines:

High-visible projection

Provides Visual Cues. Audible alarms do not provide pedestrians with a sense of proximity

Reduce Incidents of Human Error Injury

Increases pedestrian and operator awareness of moving load at any given time

Easy to install

Adjustable Mounting Bracket Allows for easy positioning of the projection on the floor


Can be used on any crane (new/retrofit)

Long Operating Life

30,000+ hrs of continuous use

Estimate length, thickness and brightness of the lines when using Virtualine™ DOTS Projector:

The values provided are approximations based on a 200 lux environment. For a more precise estimation tailored to your project, please contact our sales team.

Additional information

Accessory products

No Drill Magnetic Mounts

Hardware installation in minutes. No tools needed. This innovative magnetic mount uses rare earth magnets that provides a powerful and secure grip on any ferrous surface. With 80lb force rating on these mounts, you can be confident that these mounts when used in conjunction with the security tethers provided, will be secure and easy to install.

Line Length Limiting Panels

This Line limiting panels attach to the front of the VirtuaLine Line Projectors providing an easy way to size the length of the line on the floor. By adjusting the separation distance of the panels, you can adjust the length of the line from 30% - 100%.