SmartEye™ DETECT

Forklift Safety Solutions

The SmartEye™ Detect utilises cutting edge AI technology to prioritize pedestrian safety around material handling equipment. The advanced Ai algorithm detects moving and static pedestrians, in real time, and alerts the material handling equipment operator of the presence of such hazards. This ability makes the SmartEye™ Detect one of the most advanced pedestrian detection systems available. The system is usually installed with one rear facing camera however it can also be integrated to accommodate side and front facing cameras to give complete 360° coverage around the vehicle. When a pedestrian is detected, a signal is sent in real time to the monitor to visually and audibly alert the operator on the impending danger. This system does not rely on the use of any wearables like tags or high visibility vests to detect pedestrians.

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The benefits of using SmartEye DETECT:

Safety Booster

Lowers risk and assists with achieving target zero

Better Environment

Enhances safety, working conditions & productivity

Smart Detector

Protects against vehicle and pedestrian collisions using AI


Can be installed on any material handling equipment

Configurable Warning /Detection Zones

Provides Audible and visual alert with configurable Warning/ Detection Zones

Ready to Use

Requires no tags or high visibility vests to detect pedestrians

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