Truck Docking Laser System

Laserglow offers a variety of line lasers to define exterior and interior trucking lanes to assist drivers in laser-precision docking.

The DockLine System is the perfect truck and trailer docking assistant for dawn, dusk and night-time operations when visibility of painted lines low. These lasers provide the driver with clear, visible indicators to assist in the dock approach – thereby reducing docking time, cargo damage, and possible injury to dock handlers.

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The benefits of using DockLine™ Laser Truck Docking System:

On-Demand Smart Projection

Using motion sensors to detect trucks and turn on lanes

Ambient Light Sensing

Activates system based on ambient light (dusk through dawn)

Reduce Accidents

By increasing visibility of dock bay lines in low lights/ winter conditions

Reduce Property Damage

By providing virtual truck guidance lanes for seamless docking

Reduce Insurance Claims

By mitigating accidents during operation and handling

Reduce Lost Time

B y reducing accidents, and unplanned work stoppages

DockLine™ Laser Truck Docking System

Dockline Laser System centers trailers to your dock when backing up, separating the trailers to help avoid risk of accidents. There is no need to re-paint, or replace tape, have one continues line in all weather conditions, bringing more efficiency while loading & unloading of trailers.