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VirtuaLine Projectors


VirtuaLine™ PRO


VirtuaLine™ THIN


VirtuaLine™ SWITCH


VirtuaLine™ FILL


VirtuaLine™ EDGE


VirtuaLine™ DOTS

SafetyCast Projectors

SafetyCast 300w Sign

SafetyCast 80w Sign

SafetyCast 300w Walkway

Smart Trigger

Smart Trigger Controller Basic​

Smart Trigger Controller Pro 2x2

Manual | Spec Sheet

Smart Trigger Controller Pro 4x4

Manual | Spec Sheet

Smart Proximity Detection System

Pedestrian to Vehicle​

Vehicle to Vehicle​

Blind Spot Warning​

Intersection Management​

Automatic Gate / Access Control​

Smart Eye Detect

SmartEye Detect

Forklift Hazard and Safety Solutions

Beacon Light​

Forklift Light - Arrow​

Forklift Light - Spot​

Forklift Light - Line​

Forklift Light - Arc

Forklift Light - Stop

Hazard Fork Line

ForkLine Tine Alignment System​

Crane Hazard and Safety Solutions

Crane Lights - Spot​

Crane Lights - Line​

Hazard Dock Line

DockLine Laser Dock System