Virtual Walkway Projectors

In high-performance environments, where heavy equipment and machinery operate, it is essential for pedestrian safety that clearly visible walkways be defined to permit safe movement of people within the facility.

Laserglow’s Virtual Walkway Projectors offer a unique way of creating indestructible walkways on the floor that eliminates the need for maintenance that is required by painted walkways. No amount of forklift traffic on the floor will ever diminish these projected walkways. The Virtual walkway projectors use the latest LED technologies to offer a plug and play projection systems with broad application within an Industrial environment.

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Key Features

Ultra Visible

Overcomes complacency by attracting more attention because of dynamic projection


Easily reconfigure spaces within your facility without stripping paint or tape

Highly Durable

No wear and tear from foot traffic

Cost Effective

Eliminates the need for repainting or purchasing new safety labels

No Surface Preparation

No loss In Productivity for surface preparation, or time for drying and sealing

Custom Projections

Create your own signs to attend all your needs

Smart Triggered

Optional capability to trigger signage using motion sensors, beam break sensors or push button

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VirtuaLine™ FILL Walkway


SafetyCast™ 300W

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