ForkLine Laser Tine Guide System

Forklift Safety Solutions

The ForkLine™ Tine Guide is a laser guided tool that provides forklift operators a visual reference allowing them to line up the forks/tines with pallets. The ForkLine™ Tine Guide emits an ultra-bright, 520-nm green laser line (which is 5x brighter to the human eye than red laser lines) so the operators know exactly where the fork tips will touch the pallet or materials. The laser is mounted horizontally and can be adjusted vertically, giving the operator a visual guide for placement of the tines. When the laser line hits the
opening of the pallet, it disappears, indicating that the forks are correctly aligned with the pallets.
The innovative ForkLine™ Tine Guide is designed to operate on all types of forklifts. The self-contained fully sealed unit attaches to a lift truck carriage in less than five minutes. A magnetic base secures the ForkLine™ Tine Guide to the forklift. A rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, which is also magnetically
secured, powers the ForkLine™ Tine Guide for approximately 50 hours between charges. A wireless remote installed in the cabin of the forklift, allows the operator to operate the system as need, extending the life of the product.

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The benefits of using ForkLine Laser Tine Guide System:

Safety Booster

Enhances lift truck safety in the workplace

Reduces Product Damage

With more accuracy while handling

More Performance

Save money by increasing employee productivity

Training Tool

Can be used as an educational tool for new operators

Skill Booster

Improves operator efficiency

Easy to install

Low cost of labor, no additional upkeep, long life, no surface preparation

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