Virtual Line Projectors

In high-performance environments, where heavy equipment and machinery operate, it is essential for pedestrian safety that clearly visible walkways, aisles, or lanes be defined to permit safe movement of people within the facility.

The VirtuaLine Series of Line Projectors offer a unique way of creating indestructible floor lines that eliminates the need for maintenance that is required by floor tape and painted lines. Additionally, when compared to traditional laser line projectors, our LED projectors have a longer lifespan, produce wider lines, more color options with a reduced cost. The VirtuaLine series projectors use the latest LED and line shaping technologies to offer a plug-and-play line striping projection system with broad application within an industrial environment.

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Key Features

Highly visible projection

Same or better visibiliy when compared to taped/painted or laser lines

Easy to install

Plugs into standard AC outlet, Low cost of labor, no additional upkeep

Long Operating Life

30,000+ hrs of continuous use

No Surface Preparation

No Loss In Productivity for surface preparation, or time for drying and sealing

Adjustable line length

Ability to control the length of the line with optional line limiter accessory

Smart Triggered Projection

Using activity sensors

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