Improving Warehouse Safety with Laserglow Safety Solutions at GFS

Gordon Food Service – Michigan, US

Gordon Food Service is a foodservice distributor based in Wyoming, Michigan serving the Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest regions of the United States and coast-to-coast in Canada. 

GFS, a leading warehouse facility, faced a critical challenge of ensuring the safety of their employees while navigating through the warehouse, especially when powered industrial vehicles (PIV) were in operation. The lack of clearly defined walkways posed a risk of accidents and potential near misses. 

In search of a reliable and effective solution, GFS explored alternatives to the traditional method of floor painting. It was during a maintenance meeting that Laserglow Safety solutions were recommended as a viable option to enhance warehouse safety. Intrigued by the innovative approach, GFS decided to implement Laserglow Safety products.

The implementation of Laserglow Safety solutions had a profound impact on GFS’s warehouse operations. By utilizing the advanced LED Projector, the walkway lines were now clearly defined, providing a visual guide for employees even amidst the movement of PIV equipment. This significant improvement in safety measures resulted in a multitude of benefits for GFS.

VirtuaLine™ PRO Line Projector is a patented LED light fixture that simulates painted or taped lines on the floor. These innovative and cost-effective projectors provide an easy way to demarcate walkways and laneways without using paint or tape. VirtuaLine™ PRO Line Projector fixtures project a virtual line on the floor that is indestructible at the floor level. No amount of forklift or foot traffic will ever fade or diminish the intensity of these lines.

Main Benefits

Firstly, the enhanced safety measures reduced the risk of accidents and injuries, safeguarding the well-being of GFS employees. With clearly marked walkways, employees could navigate the warehouse with greater confidence and awareness of potential hazards.

Secondly, the improved safety measures led to increased efficiency within the warehouse. Employees could move more effectively and productively, saving time and optimizing workflow. The streamlined operations resulted in improved productivity and reduced downtime, contributing to overall business growth.

Furthermore, the implementation of Laserglow Safety solutions resulted in a notable reduction in near misses. The clearly defined walkways and increased hazard awareness significantly mitigated the risk of potential incidents, creating a safer working environment.

Based on their positive experience, GFS highly recommends Laserglow Safety solutions to other businesses seeking effective safety enhancements for their warehouse operations. The innovative technology and reliable performance of Laserglow Safety products have proven instrumental in improving warehouse safety and minimizing the risks associated with PIV operations.

By partnering with Laserglow Technologies, GFS successfully addressed their safety concerns and created a safer working environment for their employees. The implementation of Laserglow Safety solutions not only improved operational efficiency but also reduced accidents and near misses, demonstrating the significant impact of advanced laser-based safety solutions in the warehouse industry.

In conclusion, GFS’s collaboration with Laserglow Technologies exemplifies how proactive safety measures can revolutionize workplace safety, ultimately leading to enhanced productivity, employee well-being, and sustainable business growth.

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