Enhancing Warehouse Safety with Laserglow Safety Solutions at Ardagh Metal Packaging’s Valparaiso Facility

Ardagh Metal Packaging – Valparaiso, CL

Ardagh​​ Group is a global supplier of sustainable, infinitely recyclable metal and glass packaging for brand owners around the world. The consistent pursuit of market-leading innovation, quality and customer service, backed by investment in our people and processes, underpins everything we do. 

Ardagh Metal Packaging’s Valparaiso facility recognized the need for a robust floor organizational system to mitigate accidents during pedestrian interactions with mobile equipment. Their traditional approach, relying on painted and adhesive floor markings with safety signage, proved to be an inefficient and costly solution over time. These markings wore out quickly and were easily obscured by constant foot traffic and machinery movement, compromising the safety of their employees and visitors.

In pursuit of heightened safety and process efficiency, Ardagh Metal Packaging organized a Kaizen event involving plant management and EHS personnel. After careful evaluation, Laserglow’s cutting-edge high-visibility projection technology emerged as the ultimate solution. The dynamic projection system offered a superior alternative, ensuring long-term and sustainable protection for individuals within the Valparaiso facility while remaining budget-friendly and cost-effective.

Thanks to Laserglow’s products and customer service, AMP Valparaiso has taken a giant step forward in ensuring the safety of our employees, vendors and visitors. This goes beyond accident prevention – we want to eliminate near-misses as well so that we can ensure everyone gets home safe every day

Tim Neal – Group Environment Health and Safety Director – Ardagh Group

SafetyCast™ 80 Sign Projectors are the ideal way to display bright floor and wall safety signs in locations where there is high traffic, potential for a hazard, or uneven floors. The SafetyCast Sign Projector uses an image lens and a high-output LED light source to project a clear sign at distances of up to 15 m (45′). The SafetyCast Sign Projectors work well in almost all indoor lighting conditions and are easy to mount and adjust. Once installed, there is virtually no maintenance, and you won’t need to worry about replacing damaged signs on your floors or walls.

SafetyCast™ 300 Walkway Projectors uses an image lens and a high-output LED light source to project a clear walkway at distances of up to 15 m (45′). The SafetyCast Walkway Projector offers the possibility of creating custom walkways, and its high-visibility projection technology, it effectively marks clear pathways, alerting employees and visitors to designated walkways, reducing the risk of accidents.

Main Benefits

The seamless integration of Laserglow Safety products yielded exceptional results for the Valparaiso facility. In recognition of their commitment to safety and the outstanding outcomes achieved, Ardagh Metal Packaging proudly awarded the facility with the prestigious 2023 Group Environment, Health, and Safety Award for Best EHS or Loss Control Improvement Program. Since the implementation of Laserglow solutions, the facility has recorded an impressive track record of zero incidents resulting from pedestrian interactions with mobile equipment, a testament to the heightened safety and efficiency that Laserglow brings to their operations.

The resounding success and recognition of Laserglow’s safety solutions have left Ardagh Metal Packaging deeply satisfied and eager to pursue a Safety best practice. Considering the immense benefits experienced at the Valparaiso facility, AMP is actively exploring the possibility of introducing Laserglow technology to additional locations across North America. This resolute confidence in Laserglow’s solutions underlines their commitment to prioritizing safety and their willingness to endorse these cutting-edge solutions to others seeking similar safety enhancements for their own facilities. The partnership between Ardagh Metal Packaging and Laserglow stands as a shining example of how innovative technology can revolutionize warehouse safety, creating an environment of utmost protection and efficiency.

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